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The city, located by the sea just 35 km east of Malaga, has about 22,000 inhabitants. During the busiest tourist months, July, to September, there are over 100,000 people here. Nevertheless, the city is not a developed tourist resort.

In the genuine city center there are - in addition to restaurants - many shops. Real shops that do not live on selling tinsel to tourists. In the center there is a large market every Thursday. 

The town has many small restaurants and the beach is full of restaurants serving freshly grilled fish.

In addition to the Spaniards from the interior of the country who celebrate their holidays here, the restaurants and the city are visited by people from Velez Malaga and other nearby towns.

We ourselves love to rent a home when we  is on vacation. Hotel is too touristy, we  want to experience a destination as if we  vore ortsbo. For the same reason we are  fond of places not dominated by tourism. Based on ours  experiences so we have  inret  the apartments just like us  himself wants an apartment  should work when we  are guests.

Welcome to us and


Kristina and Terttu Funck

The beach

One of the Costa del Sol's longest beaches 4 km. A plowed beach promenade that is perfect to take a walk on. There is a real stone promenade next to it.

Sun loungers are available for rent for about 4 € per day.

The market

Every Thursday between 09-14, the big market comes to town. Fruit and vegetables, leather and clothes and everything you could need. However, clothes, sunglasses and bags with well-known brands are not genuine


The beach is filled with Chiringuitos, restaurants where you grill fish over an open fire.

In the city there are lots of restaurants for all tastes. Remember to eat lunch at 14-15 and dinner only at 22.

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