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Booking and payment

You can preliminary book an apartment for a week to book a flight. If you do not want to rent the apartment, we are grateful if you notify us as soon as possible. If we have not heard of you within a week, we will remove your preliminary booking.


Once you have decided you will pay 25% of the rental fee in order to confirm the booking. It will, of course, be deducted from the total, but you will not be refunded if you cancel the apartment after this.


No later than one month before the date of arrival you will pay the remaining amount.


Force majeure

Should something happen that causes us to cancel the booking from our side but beyond our control, such as fire, water damage, natural incident or damage, the entire rental fee will be refunded including the booking fee. The tenant is not entitled to damages if any such event occurs. Should such a thing happen, we will of course do our utmost to help the tenant find an equivalent accommodation but can not guarantee it.

När ni kommer till lägenheten

In good time before you travel we will send the key to you as well as a welcome letter and a map of the area. In the apartments there is an additional set of keys as well as keys to other spaces such as storage room, pool etc.

Please take time to look through the apartment already when you come and inform us immediately if there is something that is broken, seems missing or not in the condition it should be. We want the opportunity to fix this as soon as possible, and we do not want you to be liable for any non-existent / defective already when you arrived.

If something breaks or gets lost

Write a line or give us a call if something breaks when you are in the apartment. We'd love to fix all errors instantly. You will only enjoy holidays and vacations.

Order sheets and towels

For a 10€ extra per person you can order towels and sheets. Then the beds are made when you arrive. In summertime without the quilts and in the winter with the quilts. On each bed are two towels, a larger bath towel and a smaller one for the face and hands.

Keep in mind that cleaning is not always the same day as you leave the house, so hang up damp towels before you leave.

Electricity and water are included - but do not waste anyway!

Both electricity and water are expensive in Spain, so of course use as much as you need but do not waste. Turn off AC in the rooms you are not in. It's effective and it takes only a few minutes to re-cool the room.

Of course we have Wi-Fi

We have wireless internet in all apartments that also work on the terraces. It costs 10 €/week

Password for Wi-Fi comes with the welcome letter.

Pre order food and drink

If you arrive late, it may be nice if there is something in the fridge. A few beers, water, fruit, coffee and a regular breakfast. You can sit down on the terrace and enjoy a drink before crawling in bed. Write a list of what you want, and our cleaner purchases. It costs a purchase price plus 30 €. She puts a receipt on the kitchen counter, you put the money in the same place before you leave. She's economical so it's not expensive receipts.


throw in containers on the street. The gray is for ordinary garbage, the yellow are for cans and plastic, the green for glass.

Using BBQ

There is gas or charcoal BBQ in most apartments. Please feel free to use them but don´t forget to clean them. It is not included in the final cleaning to clean the BBQ.

Flowers and plants

Some of our aparments have nice plants on the terraces. It is beautiful and spreads joy. We greatly appreciate if you take your time and water them occasionally.


You can smoke on the terraces but not inside the apartments.

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